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8 Tips to Clean Your Windows with a Pressure Washer

Nov 22

These are some tips from a home owner on cleaning your windows with the pressure washer. The advice in this article will explain everything you need to know about doing the job effectively and efficiently.

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What tools do I require?

Windows can be cleaned using pressure washers when the surface is free of grease oil, sand, or other residues. Use protective equipment, like gloves and a mask.

Clean windows

Start by wiping the window area with a sponge or damp cloth. Be sure to clean any dust, dirt or residue buildup.

2.) 2. Pour 1 cup of water in your pressure washer and turn it on to its most powerful setting.

3.) Wait for the pressure gauge to read 2 to 3 bars (25-35 PSI), then spray the window with short bursts water.

4.) Make use of a squeegee remove any excess water from the window.

5.) Repeat steps 3-4 until the window is clear.

The process of pressure washing bricks Tips for pressure washing brick walls

1. Before beginning, be certain to read the safety guidelines that came with your pressure washer.

2. Before starting, wash the brick wall using a hard brush.

3. Paint the brick walls starting from an area of 3 to 5 feet. Then you can work towards the wall for the best chance of preventing water runoff.

4. Set the pressure to high and keep it in place for at minimum 1 minute.

5. Use cold water to rinse the brick's surface then dry it using an apron or a cloth.

Tips to Clean Windows

1. Clean your Windows by using an air pressure washer.

The process of pressure washing windows can quickly and effortlessly remove built up dust, dirt and dirt. There is no special equipment or skills simply an electric washer and a bit of detergent. Follow these simple steps:

- Turn the pressure washer on to the most powerful setting.

Choose the area you wish to clean.

Place the spray tip of your power washer onto the desired area and spray.

To ensure coverage, move around the window.

Continue to spray until all areas are cleaned.

Allow the windows to dry completely before reclaiming them.

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows Before You Start Pressure Washing

There are some things you need to do before you pressure wash your windows. These are five suggestions to prepare your windows.

1. Clean the glass. The first step is to clean the glass using water and a sponge. Make sure to get all of the dirt and dust off of the surface.

2. Repair any holes or cracks within the glass by using caulk or sealant. This will help to ensure that the glass isn't damaged during the washing process.

3. Lubricate any moving parts on the window washer machine with silicone oil or WD-40 (if applicable). This will lower wear and friction which can result in longer life of the machine and better outcomes.

4. Make sure that your power cords are correctly connected to the wall outlets. Also, ensure that all cables are securely connected and that there aren't any bends or kinks have formed in them. Also, make sure that the ladders and stands are securely attached to a sturdy foundation or to the ground. This will prevent accidents when cleaning your windows with pressure.

5. Begin by reading through the manual of your owner carefully and following the safety guidelines in the manual prior to starting on your project!

Tips for Cleaning Up the Area around Your Window

If you've got a huge window that is difficult to clean, there are some tips that can help ease the process. First, line the window with plastic sheeting or a sturdy curtain. This will stop debris from falling to the floor and making the task more difficult. The next step is to make use of a pressure washer to spray water on the outside of the window. This will loosen any dirt or dust that is accumulating on the window and make it easier to remove. Utilize a pole cleaner to assist in cleaning the edges.

Make use of water and vinegar to wash the window.

There are a few things you should do before you begin using pressure washers to wash your windows. The first step is to wash the window using vinegar and water. This will remove any dirt or debris. Next, use the pressure washer at full force and spray the vinegar solution all over the window. The vinegar mixture should go into every crack and crevice. Finally you can use a hose rinse off the window cleanly.


I understand that cleaning your windows is an exhausting and lengthy task However, with the right tools and equipment it is possible to do it quickly and efficiently. In this post, we'll provide you with eight helpful tips to pressure wash your windows effectively and cleanly. We will provide all the information you need about how to safely use window cleaner to choosing the right pressure washer.

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