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Pinup Studio NC For Hair Color

Sep 13

Color corrections can be a complicated procedure. Professional hair colorists can resolve a range of color correction problems. Pinup Studio provides expert color correcting services. If you're unhappy with your color or prefer a more subtle natural appearance, color correction services will help you achieve the style you want.

Shaunie Pinup

Shaunie Pinup Studio is a distinctive hair salon that offers a relaxing environment. The staff is skilled in cutting and coloring as well as cutting and coloring. Shaunie is a specialist in adding dimension and texture to a person's hair. While most salons specialize in a particular style of hair Shaunie provides a broad variety of choices, such as shags and mullets. She also loves color mixing and painting with a hand-painted dimensional look. Every day, Shaunie is joined by her companion, who loves taking a nap and greeting customers.

Kelly Grace

Kelly Grace Hair Studio is an area where women can achieve their hair in the color and look they want. The goal of the studio is to provide a non-judgment space that is accessible to all women. Over the years, stylists from the studio have been learning to improve and perfect their craft. If you'd like to have your hair styled or colored by stylists from the studio You can schedule an appointment online or go to the salon in person.

The studio is home to a group of highly skilled stylists who can create any style you want. Shaunie is the owner of the studio, is a specialist in creating texture and coloring your hair. She is aware of the specific requirements of women and the special care they require to give to ensure that their hair is looking its best. She also enjoys mixing colors and apply hand-painted dimensional colors to give depth to your appearance.

Kelly Grace Hair Studio offers various styles for women who love vintage styles. The makeup stylist, Sarah London Bergman, has worked on period-inspired makeup for films. She also has a full-service salon. The retro-inspired styles offered at Kelly Grace's Pinup Hair Studio are also offered in the studio's sister salon, Pinups & Pompadours.

Kelly Grace hair color at nc-Pinup Studio is a non-judgment space and staff who are enthusiastic about their work. They are constantly learning and improve their skills to be able to meet the demands of their customers. If you're looking to have an exceptional experience, visit the studio on the internet and schedule an appointment.

Pinup Studio is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The salon was founded in 2017 by Fernanda Fifieira and has since enlarged its staff and relocated to larger premises. The salon has a huge social media presence and invests every penny in the studio. The team of Pinup Studio is friendly and committed to helping their clients feel and look their best.


If you come to NC-Pinup Studio to color your hair and hair color, you'll be welcomed into a non-judgmental atmosphere. Women of all ages are welcome here and can ask for any kind of service. The stylists and artists at the salon are committed to developing and learning about their art, and will collaborate with you to create the style you desire. You can also request services on the internet.

The hairstylists of NC-Pinup Studio are highly trained and skilled. Each stylist has been awarded the highest levels of leadership and is skilled on pinup Studio Principles. Additionally, they've successfully completed the rigorous requirements for education. This is why each stylist is committed to ongoing training.

The pinup studio is specialized in bridal makeovers, which include the styling of hair and make-up. The salon also provides other services to help you celebrate your wedding. From hair to makeup The team will provide you with a look that you will love! The experience of makingover at NC-Pinup Studio will surely make your special day memorable.

If you're looking for an intense color but aren't ready to commit to a color that will last for a long period of time, the temporary dye for hair is the best option. Temporary hair dye sticks to the outside of your hair follicle , and is easily removed using shampoo. Professional hair salons are experienced applying temporary hair dyes and can suggest the most effective ones depending on the type of hair you have.

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